Purpose and Culture

The Cuestamoras culture is based on the firm conviction that its purpose is to innovate relentlessly to create opportunities for everyone.

This vibrant organizational culture is characterized by its ability to break new ground, to embrace change, to create businesses with strategic discipline, to learn with intellectual humility, to do the right thing, and to work together to create an excellent great business to the benefit of all.

Throughout the years, Cuestamoras has impacted different industries by way of applying the Cuestamoras System, a proven method that drives superior performance in its own businesses.

The Cuestamoras System is a permanent cycle of improvement and change that starts with the passion for innovation and it establishes itself in the execution of all of its work with a rigorous attention to detail.

This permanent cycle is made possible thanks to the establishment of an exceptionally talented team characterized by its high ambition, low ego, ability to stand out in the face of incertainty and to define its very own success.

Cuestamoras maintains a disciplined strategic focus in its businesses, which in turn are operated with operational excellence in order to reach superior results and offer its clients distinguished value.

With over 100 years of existence, Cuestamoras’ culture ignites and invigorates a permanent innovation process that translates itself into opportunities for all.

How do we make business?

Breaking new ground
Embracing change
Learning with humble mind
Creating new businesses rooted in a disciplined strategy
Doing what is right
Working together
Doing great business to the benefit of all