We recognize our corporate responsibility to conduct our activities so as to create economic, social and environmental value for the welfare and sustainability of our society. Our business strategy recognizes the collaborative opportunities that can derive from genuinely responsible business practices and the lasting positive impact that they generate.

  • Cuestamoras owns more than 8,600 acres of forests under sustainable management in areas of great biological diversity in Costa Rica. These resources are being managed by Cuestamoras with a long-term business and conservational strategy. These areas are both economically and environmentally sustainable through carbon capture and the careful preservation of biodiversity.


  • Every year, Cuestamoras awards the Enrique Uribe Pagés Entrepreneurship Scholarship. This award is granted to bright young Latin American entrepreneurs to drive forward high impact initiatives to benefit the socio-economic development of Latin America. Through a stiff selection process these students are chosen to pursue their graduate studies at INCAE Business School. The grant has benefited students from Colombia, Peru and Costa Rica . Visit web site​​


  • Cuestamoras is an Honorable Founder of "Fundación Sistema Integral de Formación Artística para la Inclusión Social" (Sifais). Sifais develops programs in marginal communities that favor personal development and the learning of an artistic, technical or sporting skill. Sifais promotes social integration focusing on activities that include the help of hundreds of volunteers who give their time and seek personal growth through the experience of helping others. Visit web site


  • Fundación Acción Joven is an organization that seeks to empower schools as centers of hope and opportunity for communities facing adverse situations through the model of student dropout prevention. Its involvement provides opportunities for youth to improve their employability profile and promotes entrepreneurship.


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